Why New Year’s Resolutions Suck

The Challenge with a New Year’s Resolution is most of us are set up to fail. The larger and more life changing the goal the likely hood of success is slim to none. I am not a pessimist but definitely a realist.
When making any goal I would suggest using SMART.

S= Specific
M= Measurable
A= Achievable
R= Realistic
T= Timely

The top Resolution people commit to would be Weight Loss.
You need to start with a “Specific” plan.
“I would like to lose 20lbs this year.”
Break it down to 1.8lbs a month. That is Achievalbe & Realistic! Now staying on track by tracking week by week eating patterns. Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to what you put in your mouth.
Keeping a food journal. (measurable)
Make easy specific choices…
Black coffee vs. Mocha
One piece of bread on sandwich vs. Two
By pass the pasta and go for the protein & veggie

Make small wins..
If you mess up (by eating a donut) don’t beat yourself up or shame yourself. Make a better decision on your next meal choice of the day! Don’t throw in the towl on the entire day or week!
Drink water! Drink water!

We all strive for perfection and when we don’t measure up we throw our goals out the window.  Being human we need to have grace for when we fall down so we can pick ourselves back up.

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