DSC_0141_2Are you adventurous? Tired of boring, cookie-cutter workouts? Love the outdoors? Want to get strong while having a blast? If so, the MFU is for You.

Get FIT, have FUN, workOUT–Outside the box!

The MFU (or “Mobile Fitness Unit”) is a fresh approach to Group training that will work your body and mind in a whole new way. Utilizing a tricked-out Ford Raptor, innovative training equipment, a dash of creativity, and good old fashioned fresh air. The MFU is just the change of pace you need to round out your fitness regimen while having an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Advantages of the MFU training experience include:

  • Increased muscular endurance and strength;
  • Increased balance and flexibility;
  • Challenging, fun, positive social atmosphere;
  • Casual indifference to weather;
  • Creative, ever-changing workouts;
  • Personalized training from one of Portland’s BEST trainers…best of all;
  • ALL of Portland (and beyond) is YOUR personal gym

The MFU mission is to make you feel alive again…

Feel the wind in your face.
Feel the rain or SUN on your skin.
Wipe the dirt off your hands.
Run like a kid.
Breathe the outside air.
Play in Portland’s beautiful parks.
See the world (and your city) in a new way.

The MFU is the vehicle to your best self.

Adding the outdoors to your training gives you the opportunity to clear your head and change your attitude. In the MFU small group workouts, you’ll enjoy encouragement from your peers, while receiving one-on-one motivation and direction from an expert trainer.